Goodbye Hello

1. Ob-La-Di, O-La-Da
2. Come Together
3. Here Comes The Sun
4. Penny Lane
5. Michelle
6. I Feel Fine
7. Fixing A Hole
8. Norwegian Wood
9. Strawberry Fields Forever
10. Fool On The Hill
11. We Can Work It Out | [MP3 Preview]
12. Rocky Raccoon
13. Blackbird
14. Hello Goodbye
15. Something


  1. Hi Pete,
    I was fortunate to be living in St.Louis when you,Jim and Roger were playing the club scene. I remember you did the most beautiful rendition of And I Love Her. I look forward to getting this cd as it is the only one I don’t have. Your cd party for Green Eyed Radio at the Sheldon is still one of the best shows I’ve seen. You are in a small elite group of singer/songwriters that have continued to release albums (yeah I’m an old guy) that possess such a high standard of quality.I am glad that I was able to hear you play quite a few exquisitely tasteful guitar solos back in 80s. Thanks for beauty you have shared with us with your music. Look forward to you playing STL again soon.

    Ken Newton on May 10th, 2015
  2. Hmmmm, why isn’there at least one Christmas Song that could easily be played so my Granddaughter can see who she’s going to see this Sat. night in New Bedford?????? Pete is one of my favorites, and I hope my Granddaughter agrees….

    Capt Gene on December 4th, 2012
  3. There are a few spots in Peter’s other albums where I can here the Mcartney/beatles influence. I here Paul in his voice sometimes. So this was really a pleasant surprise for me and knowing that I wasn’t imagining the similarity. Im huge on the beatles. This was right in peters garage. Awesome!

    Glenn on November 26th, 2012
  4. Awesome like everything Peter does…

    Phil on September 29th, 2011
  5. Awesome cover of the greatest band of all time! You can feel PM’s love and respect for the Beatles music in every rendition.

    The live performances with JB were the highlight of the show with 25,000 people singing “Yellow Submarine!”

    Joey D on July 18th, 2011
  6. Bill, you can find all of Peter’s CDs by clicking “store” at the top of this page.

    Terry on June 30th, 2011
  7. Heard I FEEL FINE this afternoon on Sirrus, and was it good? You betcha!!!!! Wherecan I pick up this CD here in Oklahoma? Saw you and BUBBA in KC onn the 30th of April. What a show. Have been a Parrott Head since 1977 when we saw him for the first time at the Myrid in Oklahoma City; he opened for the EAGLES. Keep up the good work and thanks in advance. Bill Peters Enid Oklahoma

    Bill Peters on June 29th, 2011
  8. I was in India, at five years old, when my life changed forever. “Please Please Me” and “Ask Me Why” spun out of our 45-rpm player and with our introduction to four lads from Liverpool, we knew life as we knew it would never be the same. Sometimes you have to get stopped dead in your tracks to really begin your journey. And from that time on I pledged to stay close to those mysterious “wings” the Beatles’ music gave me that day.

    There is simply no way to improve on how the Beatles performed this music in its original form or deliver it better than it was originally given to the world. But we can celebrate it again and again: on a banged up acoustic guitar, with a string section, or with technology that the Beatles might have imagined, but did not have when they caught miracles on a four-track recorder. We let our imaginations run with these Beatle songs. If we don’t disappoint or thrill, offend or gratify anyone in the process, I will be surprised. I will take comfort in knowing it will have been because the music of the Beatles will always matter in a world forever searching for the heart of the matter.

    Thanks to The Beatles… and the mothers and fathers of generations who picked up string, wood and bone and strummed them across the universe to make a sound, showing us a road, and giving us rhythms to walk and dance by. It’s this music we celebrate, reminding us that what makes us ONE in the time that we live is our need for the timeless.

    Joining Peter Mayer are many world-class musicians who have contributed their talents to this project: Jim Mayer, Roger Guth, Jimmy Buffett, Glenn Worf, R. Scott Bryan, Michael Utley, Chris Walters, Mark Holland, Jeff Taylor, Mac McAnally, Jim Feist, Dan Rubright, Nadirah Shakoor, Tina Gullickson, Robert Greenidge, and an array of fantastic strings players, including Maggie Estes!

    Terry on February 7th, 2011

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