Morning Star – March/April 2014 Edition

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MARCH 24, 2014

Think Spring!

The water is beautiful in Coolangatta and across the bay is Surfer’s Paradise.


If any of you are wondering whether winter is over yet…I’m sorry to say, at least in Nashville it is still hanging on with those icy fangs. In the next few days we are expecting it to plunge to 20 degrees (which I know is nothing compared to what some of you have endured in the northern Midwest and the Northeast). The painful thing is that the 20 degree days will follow what has been a run of 60-70 degree days that have got every tree on our street bloomin’ crazy.


I did get to take a little break and head “down under” with Jimmy and an abbreviated Coral Reefer band. We stayed in a beautiful Australian coastal town called Coolangatta, known for its fantastic surfing. In fact it is a mecca for some major surf competitions that draw international surfing stars such as Kelly Slater and Stephi Gilmore. Both Steph and Kelly joined us on stage at our first show at the beach.


I arrived in town after a couple busy days at home. So busy in fact that I had not played my guitar in two days. I keep a guitar on hand everywhere I go and try to follow the creed, play every day, pay attention to it and it will pay attention to you. Because I had to travel with no guitar carry on all the way to Australia, I was going to be looking at another couple days with no strings under my fingers…so I devised a plan. I walked to the nearest music store and asked the owner what was the cheapest crappy guitar they had on hand. He shook his head and said, “well, I can give you something for 200.00.” Well, that was a little bit above what I wanted to spend having 30+ guitars at home waiting to be played. I told him I wanted to think about it and I sat down and played a little Martin guitar hanging on the wall, in case this was going to be my only chance at touching a six string for the next two days. The owner walked over and asked where I was from and what I did. One thing led to another and he said, “wait a second, I might have something in the repair shop.” Ten minutes later he came down with a nice looking Martin body style guitar, it was called an Ashton, and it is made in Australia. He told me that someone had never picked this one up after leaving it, and he’d give me the guitar and a set of strings for 100.00. “Sold!” I said in as calm a voice as I could muster. I want to thank Mark Richter, the owner of Revolution Music, for helping me out. I figure, down the line we’ll auction off this very nice sounding guitar for charity, that is…after I catch up on my practicing.


On our way to Australia we had a surprise visit from former Coral Reeferette Claudia Cummings.


A photo of my Australian practice guitar and Revolution Music owner Mark Richter.


Everyone surfs in Coolangatta and they start young. 

A magical sunset in Coolangatta.

Time to hit the road!

We’re heading out with the PMG again this coming weekend, starting in Maggie Valley with a couple sold-out shows in the magical Smokey Shadows Lodge. We head back to Nashville on Sunday morning to do a Sunday evening “Stirrin’ Up the Water” show at First Lutheran Church in downtown Nashville. This show will benefit the ELCA Malaria fund.We then head up to Somerville, New Jersey on April 4, to play a show that benefits the Friends of Somerville County Youth. This is a special show in that it is the first Peter Mayer Group show we have done in the New Jersey area for a good while. April 5, we are at the Manayunk Brewery in Philadelphia, where some of you saw Brendan and me with Scott Kirby last September. Then we head over to Lancaster, PA, to play a “Stirrin’ Up The Water” show at Highland Presbyterian church. This is our first time at Highland with the Stirrin’ Up show, having been there for many years with Stars and Promises. Spread the word, we will be looking forward to seeing you!!


We look forward to returning to Blueberry Hill in June. It’s the club we played in the early days of PM, it’s the club that we recorded our live CD, “Under Your Spell,” and it’s the club where music and friends come together for something magical each time we return to hometown St. Louis. Don’t miss it!!


Check the website for venue and ticket info:



Think Spring!
Time to hit the road!

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March 28
Smokey Shadows Lodge; Maggie Valley, NC
March 29
Smokey Shadows Lodge; Maggie Valley, NC
March 30
First Lutheran Church; Nashville, TN
April 4
Somerville High School Theatre; Somerville, NJ
April 5
Manayunk Brewery; Philadelphia, PA
April 6
Highland Presbyterian Church; Lancaster, PA
May 3
Brendan Mayer will perform at The Rutledge; Nashville, TN
June 6
Blueberry Hill; St. Louis, MO

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