The Morning Star – November 2013 Edition

October 26, 2013

Welcome and Recollections!

Hello to you, my friends one and all. I write to you from a cold and rainy Denver, Colorado. It’s been weather bingo the last week with cool ocean sunshine in Del Mar, CA; blue sky dry in Las Vegas, Nevada; and now cold, wet and rainy in Mile High City. We are out on tour with Jimmy Buffett, on the heels of one of the busiest times I can remember. We had a whirlwind tour with Scott Kirby, Brendan, and myself up in the northeast. We met a bevy a new fans and played some wonderful venues from the Rivermill in Dover, NH; Sandbar Grill in Taunton, MA; Manayunk Brewery in Philadelphia, PA; Sandi Pointe Coastal Bistro in Somers Point, NJ; Ashland Coffee & Tea, in Ashland, VA; the Keyport Yacht Club in New Jersey, and finally at the Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, VA. Thanks to all of you that came out to see us. 

The touring schedule didn’t stop there though, with a crazy five hours at home to repack, we finished up September with a trip across the pond to Paris, France; Basel, Switzerland; and finally Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Our Paris trip started with an in store appearance, with brother Jim and my son Brendan, at a record store called Timeless Vinyls, owned by Jacques Betlamini. It was set up through Jacque and our good friends from West Coast Music, Jean-Luc Raymond and Arnaud Leger. It was a cool shop, small, but with loads of great vinyl discs both new and vintage. After the last song they surprised us with a vinyl copy of the album PM with an original press release inside!


We played two shows with Jimmy B. in Paris, and were glad to see many friends and fans that made the overseas trip to be there. The first was at Le Trabendo on Thursday, and the bigger venue La Cigale on Saturday. Fantastic shows they were with great crowds. In fact the crowds were so packed in on Thursday that it must have been 100 degrees in the place. Brendan was along for our shows for the following week and Jimmy asked him up to play the guitar solo on the Chuck Berry song “Cie La Vie, (You Never Can Tell.)” It was a surprise and a lot of fun.


We spent our spare time sightseeing, and I’ll spare you the play by play calls, but the highlights were: an afternoon at Notre Dame, evening at the Eiffel Tower, the gardens and grounds of Versailles, Musee´D’Orsay, and the FABULOUS FOOD and Paris Architecture!!!


The time came to bid adieu to the wonderful city of Paris and move onto our own shows, so Sunday morning bright and early we boarded the TGV high speed rail to Basel, Switzerland. Our good friend Nena met us at the train station and took us to her home town of Witerswil, where she and her family live. It is a beautiful little Swiss town surrounded by fields and farms. It reminded me, a city dweller, once again about the small town in each one of us as Don Henley put it. We stopped on the way to her house and picked up a dozen eggs, which were stacked up on an old wooden table. You place your money in a jar and take what you paid for. It’s the honor system still alive and well. We had a day of sightseeing before our show day, so we decided to make the trip to Lucerne, located right on beautiful Lake Lucerne, in sight of Mt. Pilatus; it is a destination for tourists to the alps.


We played the show the next night to a great crowd in a little wine cellar in Witerswil. It was a magical night with the kind of crowd where you can hear a pin drop but they know how to have a good time as well. Thanks to Nina, Albert and family for all your wonderful support and hospitality!


The next morning came way too quickly as we woke at 3:15 am to catch our Easy Jet flight to Amsterdam. We were comatose but happy to be there in Amsterdam, a city we have never had the privilege of playing before. We hailed a taxi to take us from the airport to the hotel, and we loaded our huge pile of guitars, suitcases and computer bags into the minivan. We arrived exhausted in our rooms ready to take a bit of a nap, and I reached for my computer bag to set it up and realized with a gasp that I had left it in the cab!! This bag goes with me everywhere, and as a regular traveler it is my go to for music, identification, books, hard drives, you name it. My hands were shaking as I realized that I had paid the cab fare with a credit card. There might be a phone number on the receipt!! I saw one and ran down to the front desk to bid one of the fair maidens working there to make the call for me (I was tired enough that dialing overseas on my phone would have taken more time than I could afford) I sputtered out to the front desk person, “Excuse me, I’ve just left my computer bag with all my credentials in the cab that brought us here, do you think you could…?” “You mean this bag?” The voice came from behind me. I turned around and there was the taxi driver holding my computer bag. The cab driver looked a little like Ernest Borgnine on a good day, but I could’ve kissed him. “I was almost back to the airport,” he said, “and I heard a tap tap tap in the back, and I looked and I knew it must be your bag.” I thanked him profusely and offered to pay him for his act of kindness but he waved me off and wished me a good day as he walked away. Angels all around us, I say, even when it doesn’t work out this right. I made a pact for however long I could hold out that nothing, absolutely nothing, was going to irritate me enough to cause me to resent humanity like I have done at times. Thanks to that perfect stranger dude that saved my life in a manner of speaking.


We played the next night at music club in Amsterdam; De Heeren Van Amstel, right in the heart of city centrum. Thanks to our good friend Frank Smit, who spearheaded and promoted our first trip to the city, and Co De Kloet, who heads up his award-winning radio show in the Netherlands, Co Live, we had a great night that was recorded by the way, for possible release down the line. At our “Eat and Greet” before the show, we had people come from Portugal; Paris, France; and friends from the Netherlands, as well. It was a night to remember, and a city we won’t forget. We took a day trip to the Hague to see our friends Matt and Maylis and family who took us down to the beautiful beach, right on the North Sea. We finished our trip back in Amsterdam by taking a canal boat ride around the city at that last night, with our friend Frank Smit and his wife Charlotte. I’ve never see anything like it in all my travels. And… that might sum up the European trip. Au revoir, vaarwel till we meet again.

Meeting of The Minds Performance and Live Recording!!

We will be down in Key West next week for the 22nd annual Meeting of The Minds. This year’s theme is “Bring Back The Magic.” It will be a special year in many ways; loads of great music and artists, great weather we hope, and for me a chance to be back in the Keys with the whole group, which we haven’t done in several years. Along with the PMG this time: R. Scott Bryan on percussion, Chris Walters on keys, Maggie Estes White on violin and mandolin, Brendan Mayer on guitar, and as a special bonus we will have Roger Guth on drums, brother Jim Mayer on bass, and a surprise guest artist or two join us during the set! 

And…we will be capturing the entire hour and a half set and recording it direct to disc to be available as a live recording that evening in Key West!! In the able hands of our sound engineer Chad Stewart, he will record and mix our entire set onto two CD discs. They are then packaged in a specially designed CD wallet. You can pick up your copy later that evening after the night of shows is complete. You can also preorder your copy at the registration area at the Casa Marina, Friday from 9 am-12 noon and Saturday from 9-11am, then by stage by noon on Saturday. One of the things that I admire about the PHIP and Parrot Heads is their dedication to party with a purpose. They raise money and give blood and do their part to help out in their neighborhoods. We will be joining forces with them in offering $2.00 for each CD sold to the charities they support.

Stars and Promises Christmas Tour

People have been asking when we’ll be back for our Christmas tour. It’s a time we look forward to each and every year. This year, because of touring for two weeks of shows with Jimmy Buffett, the number of shows we can do is limited. As always, there is good news and bad news, well, the bad news is we aren’t going to make it out to each and every one of your towns, places that we’ve been for years and that we love so well. The good news is that there are shows planned for the week before Christmas, and… I invite you all to get on bus, rent a rickshaw, row your boat, put gas in the Fiat and come see us for this year’s limited edition shows. It is a most wonderful time of the year and the whole Christmas group, R. Scott Bryan, Chris Walters, Maggie Estes White, Mark Holland, Zeb Briskovich on bass, and Brendan Mayer will be there. 

December 17 – Venue 68; Tulsa, OK


December 18 – The Sheldon Theatre; St. Louis, MO


December 19 – Alhambra Theatre; Hopkinsville, KY


December 21 – First Baptist Church; Wilmington, NC


December 22 – Smoke Rise Baptist Church; Stone Mountain, GA


Little Flock Team:

I just want to take a moment to thank the people I get to work with nearly every day. They’ve been part of Little Flock Music and happen to be good friends of mine as well. They put up with unpredictable schedules, with erratic hours, and still give their best of all the way. 

Terry Lederer: Little Flock Distributor and promotions person


Beth Estes: My Tour coordinator and logistical manager


Mike Davis: Little Flock Music business manager


Thank you my friends for all you do.

DJ Jeff Allen

Our friend Jeff Allen, DJ Jeff, passed away this week. He will be missed for his wonderful enthusiasm for all things life and music, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett, and we’re thankful for the fact that he enjoyed coming to our shows and playing our songs on Beachfront Radio over the years. I had many conversations with him, some official interviews, some just casual conversation. One I remember clear as day, it was last year after the Stars and Promises show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My friends Dennis and Sue McCaughey had brought us in to Lancaster for our Christmas show from the beginning, and introduced me to Jeff after one show. We went to his house afterwards and there was a crowd of people in the living room, drinks in hand, toasting the holiday season. He had other reasons to toast, being on the mend from surgery to take care of a tumor that had shown up in his brain. He was upbeat, and mentioned he enjoyed our music. He took me upstairs to his office and asked me to sign the wall of his room. Over the years we got to know each other better, 10 years or so passed and here we were sitting in the lobby of Highland Presbyterian Church after the crowd had left, musing on life. I mentioned that he had always been the one asking the questions, as a radio personality, and I asked him if he had ever thought to be interviewed himself, having battled some steep challenges, and tough turns in his life. He said he had, and I said, “Ok, I’ll start with the first question: What does one learn, who has gone through illness like you have, that you would like to pass on to your friends?” He mentioned that each and every little thing gets more precious, and that each day is a gift that is truly amazing. He also mentioned time with friends and loved ones as being what carried him through. He sent this to me in an email a month later: “Although we all know that life on this big round ball is not endless, few of us keep that in mind on a daily basis. Once you find out that you do have an expiration date as I’ve been reminded, there is something freeing to that thought and Carol and I treat every day as the gift that it is and we make the most out of it.” 

Jeff’s note came to me in one of my furiously busy times, and it changed the way I walked through my days. That’s probably the best we can do for each other and the world, share our stories, the magic and the tragic, and pass on the gifts we’ve been given to make something a little better for someone else. God bless you for that Jeff. PM

Rocky Mountain National Park

with friend Ron Glusenkamp. We have collaborated on a series of devotions for Advent called Elements of Advent.

Elements of Advent:

Pastor Ron Glusenkamp and Peter Mayer have collaborated on a series of devotions for Advent called, “Elements of Advent.” This beautifully done booklet combines Ron’s daily thoughts and meditations on the journey of Advent which are linked to songs by Peter Mayer. Check it out at :

Photo Journal!

Brendan, Peter, Scott Kirby and  Gary Green in Leesburg, VA, to benefit the Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center.

Our first view of France from the plane.

Backstage at La Cigale.

Jimmy asked Brendan to play the solo on “You Never Can Tell” (C’est La Vie, the Chuck Berry song).

Inside Notre Dame.

Accordion player on our train to Versailles

The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

At Versailles with Brendan and Jim

Here is our friend Nena Grossius Briner outside the club Corbeau in Switzerland.

Nena, Jim and Brendan in Lucerne in Switzerland

The view to the Amsterdam street outside of Club De Heeren Van Amstel.

Frank Smit, his wife Charlotte and myself having dinner. Frank was promoter of our show in Amsterdam

Scene from the Canal Boat ride in Amsterdam

View from the stage at the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Rehearsal on the Ellen Degeneres show.

A visit with our friends Jay Oliver and Caleb Taylor, flight trainer and designer of the Aviation Simulator in the photo.

We are excited to announce the release of Tina Gullickson’s “Five Tune Teaser” five- song EP. I helped produce this CD and Tina did a fabulous job on this. You’ll be able to pick up your copy in Key West. Congratulations Tina!

Looking forward to a PM reunion of sorts in Key West, next week!
Welcome and Recollections!
Meeting of The Minds Performance and Live Recording!!
Stars and Promises Christmas Tour
Little Flock Team:
DJ Jeff Allen
Rocky Mountain National Park
Elements of Advent:
Photo Journal!

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December 21 Wilmington, NC
December 22 Stone Mountain, GA

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  1. We were at MOTM. Brendan really showed how talented he is. Can’t wait to hear more from him….The Music at MOTM this year was the best it has ever been. Our favorites were PM, Mac and The Shrimper Dan Album Hour with John Frinzi.

    Lee Grodsky on December 4th, 2013
  2. The Mayer “boys” remain my favorites ~ never miss a chance to see/hear you, locally, around Boston. Any chance that “Stars and Promises” might still be performed in our area?

    Hugs ~ Harriet

    Harriet Sesen on November 1st, 2013
  3. Excellent blog! Thank you for sharing. We (my wife and I) saw you at Sandi Pointe this fall.

    Keep up the music!


    Peter Davitt on October 31st, 2013

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