The Morning Star – October 2012

October 25, 2012

Hello from Seattle

Hello and Happy Fall to all of you! First of all, I want to thank all of you coming out and celebrating a wonderful tour last month, first in Hanover, Massachusetts, with Jon Frattasio and Brendan Mayer, and then nine shows with Scott Kirby to follow. It was a great chance to see New England as the fall colors are coming in with chilly nights, it’s a beautiful time of the year. Fall has us leaning toward the cold shorter, darker days, and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the bend. I know I just got three or more virtual pies thrown my direction for those of you who are not ready for that news, but … we all know it’s coming, and the best way into it is to grab that hot mug of Joe or Jane, and or splash ice cold water on your face, lock your tray tables in take off position and get set to go. It’s not always easy to move from Indian summer to Winter storm, so I latch on to those things that I’m looking forward to to keep up my energy; among those are: an end to political ads on TV and radio, when we’ve finally got that out of the way, seeing family and friends at Thanksgiving, and a Joyful Christmas season where we get to see many of you, our friends, and make some music on the Stars and Promises tour. Here are a few more up and coming’s to look for on the horizon.

Lone Tree Arts Center Show

I am thrilled to be back in Colorado for a show at the Lone Tree Arts Center, presented by God’s Grace Community Church. The proceeds for the afternoon concert will benefit the following charity that my friend Pastor Dave Jensen spoke to me about: “a Florida corrections official was recently quoted as saying ‘ we look hard at 4th grade literacy rates, we know from 4th grade literacy rates how many beds to put in our institutions for when that generation becomes adults. The money from this concert goes to a school in a tough economic area in the shadow of the accused shooter of the Aurora movie theaters.” The concert will feature songs from many of our CDs, and I’m proud to have my son Brendan, a singer songwriter in his own right with me as well. We look forward to seeing you Sunday afternoon and thank you in advance for coming aboard to support a great cause. Tickets are available online, by clicking here.

Key West Smokin’ Tuna Shows

From Stephen Talkhouse on Long Island to Smokin’ Tuna on the Southernmost Island: These three guys are ready to bring guitar TRICKS and musical TREATS to Key West on Halloween night! Next we turn southeast and head to the Keys, Cayo Hueso that is, for a night at the Smokin’ Tuna with Scott Kirby, yours truly, and special guest Brendan Mayer for a night that should get those arriving for Meeting of The Minds rockin’ into a wonderful weekend. Scott, Brendan and I just finished a “9-shows-in-9-days” tour up in the Northeast that we’re going to carry on in to the “Tuna.” We play songs around the horn, trade some stories, take some requests on through the night. We’ll be playing two shows on Halloween night October 31st, so come in costume or come as you are. There are only a few tickets left, so don’t miss this chance to visit the Smokin’ Tuna, one of the premier live music spots in Key West. Tickets may be purchased online, by clicking here.

Stars and Promises 2012

The theme for this year’s Stars and Promises tour is “The Light Of Christmas.” I look forward each year to this season where we unpack traditional musical favorites, “Little Drummer Boy,” “Sing Joy,” “Junkman’s Christmas,” “Christmas Overture” and new songs as well to celebrate the Joy of Christmas. I’m sure you look forward to your own holiday traditions. Tradition is not simply a repeating of what you do every year, it’s a deeper remembering — a connection to what lies beneath and gives meaning to our busy every-days. It’s a time to refocus in the light …of family, friends, faith, fun, and a world that is in need of songs of hope and peace. Check out the calendar of concerts for this year below! Each stop along the way on the Stars and Promises tour benefits a particular charity. On those stops where a local charity hasn’t been designated, we are contributing a portion of product sales to the ELCA Malaria Campaign. Our performance in Naperville, Illinois, is focused on raising funds for the Malaria Campaign that works through Lutheran churches in Africa, which are uniquely positioned to provide mosquito nets, insecticides, medication, health care, education and more to help eliminate deaths from this disease—for good. Check out the following website for videos and more info. November 27 – Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens; Webster Groves, MO. Tickets available at:


November 28 – Good Shepherd Church; Napterville, IL. Tickets available at:


November 30 – Trinity Lutheran Church; Brookville, OH.

Tickets go on sale October 29, 2012, and can be purchased by phone at: 937-833-2154 OR e-mail:


December 1 – Grace Baptist Church; McKean, PA. For more information about this show, please email:


December 5 – Rams Head on Stage!; Annapolis, MD. Tickets available at:


December 7 – United Reformed Church; Somerville, NJ. Tickets available at:


December 9 – Highland Presbyterian Church; Lancaster, PA. Tickets available at:


December 10 – TBA; Onley, VA.


December 12 – Smoke Rise Baptist Church; Stone Mountain, GA.

A “Free Will” offering will be taken to benefit Smoke Rise’s “Families In Need” program


December 14 – Massey Theatre; Vancouver, British Columbia. Tickets available at:


December 16 – Bethany Lutheran Church; Cherry Hills Village, CO. Tickets available at:


December 18 – Alhambra Theatre; Hopkinsville, KY. Tickets will be available online, beginning October 30 at: Check the website for local ticket outlets.


December 19 – Sheldon Concert Hall; St. Louis, MO. Tickets available at:


December 20 – Venue 68; Tulsa, OK. Tickets available at:


December 21 – St. George Parish; Linn, MO. Tickets available at:


December 22 – Freedom Hall; Park Forest, IL. Tickets available at:


Tina Gullickson Recordings

I got a chance to work with brother Jim, Roger Guth, Mac McAnally, and Tina Gullickson on Tina’s up-and-coming recording just a few weeks ago. We spent a couple days in Alabama, and a couple more in Nashville and came away with some wonderful tracks. Many of you know Tina’s voice from her role in Jimmy Buffett’s band. If you haven’t had a chance to hear her voice in a lead role, get ready for a real treat. Stay tuned, the CD is looking to be released sometime in 2013.

A Hole and a String

I have been lucky over the years to come across some incredible guitars that find their special sound and place on tour and on our recordings. At a show that we did a year ago in Kansas City, a guitar maker, Jim Triggs, came up and introduced himself to me. Jim had worked in the custom shop at Gibson in Nashville, for many years. He began working with Mandolins, and quickly graduated with his skills to arch top guitar work and eventually artist relations for Gibson. He was instrumental, no pun intended, in getting some fine instruments in the hands of those that could make them shine. He decided to continue in that tradition but to branch off on his own to build world-class guitars along with his son Ryan. He had brought some of his artistry with him that day as he pulled out a beautiful arch top guitar. I now play three Triggs guitars in regular rotation. While his guitars have not had 50 or 100 years to be called vintage, Triggs uses wood that can claim the seasoning of years. The sunburst model (above) is made from a 30-year-old piece of pine. It’s a bit of an oddball, in that the body is chambered and weighs in at 4 and ½ pounds. It is extremely resonant and uses a unique bridge design that achieves a very loose string tension, while maintaining a higher action, which is perfect for a player that wants to go back and forth between slide and fretted playing or mix the two anytime. The pickups are Fralin P-90’s which have a high output and are great for both clean and raunchy playing. I’ve also been playing a Triggs arch top which is modeled after the D’Angelico New Yorker. The finish and attention to detail on this guitar is stunning. With an eastern maple back and spruce top it is just a few years old, but resonates greater than its years and the sustain is amazing. The Kent Armstrong pickup located in the neck position gets a warm but very defined sound for jazz or rock-a-billy sounds. Acoustically or plugged in it is beautiful. Last but not least is a Triggs Mahogany acoustic flat top guitar that is a cross between a Martin and a Gibson design. It has beautiful binding work and has a light bell like tone with fingerpicking, and rocks when you strum it. Triggs guitars are also getting some major air time by Mac McAnally and Jimmy Buffett. The photo below shows a beautiful Mandola that was made for Mac. We live in an age where we can shop 24 hours and have a computer overnighted from Silicon Valley, and see the spots on the sun from our smart phones. Playing Jim and Ryan Triggs guitars reminds that some things will always be best done the old fashioned way like a tree, slow, steady, strong and ready to give you good things for many seasons.

Mac playing his Triggs Mandola!

True Life Adventures!

Rehearsing for the September tour in North Hampton, NH.

With Brendan and Jon Fratassio, in Massachusetts.

Performing with Brendan and Scott Kirby on Madison Beach, Connecticut

We got a chance to visit Lew London, extraordinary musician, producer, and teacher at this Charter Tech High School for the Performing Arts in New Jersey. Lew guides students through the ins and outs of playing an instrument, learning to work together as a group, and on the day we visited, we all had a chance to talk about our personal experience with the music business.

Thanks to our friend Dick Franyo in Annapolis for the great night at the Boatyard, and for the use of the spare buggy while in town!

 The chef at The Boatyard named the daily smoked fish appetizer in honor of Peter’s first appearance at the restaurant: BB’s Got The Bluefish!
Hello from Seattle
Lone Tree Arts Center Show
Key West Smokin’ Tuna Shows
Stars and Promises 2012
Tina Gullickson Recordings
A Hole and a String
True Life Adventures!

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October 25 Boise, ID – on tour with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
October 27 Las Vegas, NV – on tour with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
October 28 Lone Tree, CO with Special Guest Brendan Mayer
October 31 Key West, FL with Scott Kirby and Special Guest Brendan Mayer
November 27 Webster Groves, MO
November 28 Naperville, IL
November 30 Brookville, OH
December 1 McKean, PA
December 5 Annapolis, MD
December 7 Somerville, NJ
December 9 Lancaster, PA
December 10 Onley, VA
December 12 Stone Mountain, GA
December 14 Vancouver, British Columbia
December 16 Cherry Hills Village, CO
December 18 Hopkinsville, KY
December 19 St. Louis, MO
December 20 Tulsa, OK
December 21 Linn, MO
December 22 Park Forest, IL
January 5, 2013 Key West, FL

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