The Morning Star – September 2012

August 31, 2012

Peter performs two solo shows in Richmond, VA, this weekend!

Sunday, September 2, Peter will perform two very special shows in the Richmond, VA area: Forest Hill Presbyterian Church4401 Forest Hill Avenue

Richmond, VA 23225

“Head for the Hill” and come out for a wonderful afternoon of Peter’s original music!

Showtime is 3:00 pm

$5 donation will be accepted at the door .



Made In Asia Restaurant & Lounge!

7302 Hancock Village Drive

Chesterfield, VA 23832

Tickets are $49.99, which includes show and hors d’oeuvres. A limited number of tickets are available and sold in advance only at: For ticket information, please call: 804-739-8160 Showtime: 8:30 pm

A Hole and a String: Rosewood + Cedar

While I had a few “beater” acoustic guitars around in the early years, an old Yamaha 160, and my very first guitar, a Suzuki classical that I got as a Christmas present when I was 12, most everything I played in college and in the early days of PM was on electric guitar. When Roger, Jim and I were out in LA recording the “PM” album we needed an acoustic guitar for the song “When First We Were Lovers.” I had not brought one of my own, so I actually borrowed a little Martin guitar that belonged to our A&R person, Nancy Walker, to play on the track. After that, I bought a thin-line Guild Songbird to use for shows that PM did with Chicago and the Moody Blues. It wasn’t until I met up with Scott Kirby in Key West a few years later and saw him playing his Irish-made Lowden acoustic that I decided it was time to get a more serious instrument. Scott did some calling around and found a Lowden that his friend Gabriel Donohue, a fine Irish guitarist, and singer was selling. We worked out a deal, and soon I was playing my first full body acoustic guitar. Scott and I used our Lowdens for Scott’s instrumental song, “Rosewood and Cedar,” on his “Grand Bar Schemes” CD. Singer, songwriter, guitarist David Wilcox has said that he believes some guitars have songs just waiting to come out of them. You buy them not only because they have a nice sound, but because they put songs in your hands. It may have been a combination of just that, along with life’s accidents and incidents, but a lot of the Green Eyed Radio CD; “One And One Makes Three,” “Suzannah,” “All The Tea In China” and “Michaelangelo” were all played and written on that guitar. Like my favorite people, it’s not perfect, it has its flaws, but there’s nothing else like it, and it wears its personality proud. Tonally, it does not have the open, transparent sound that you’ll hear in a Martin, Collins, or Breedlove, but because of it’s rosewood and cedar build, it has a bell-like, beautiful solo tone that has made a bevy of songs out of the simple combination of a hole and a string.

Upcoming Dates: Jon and Scott

While we’re speaking of acoustic guitars and songs, come join me for a run of shows coming up this month performing with some good friends. First, in Hanover, Massachusetts, a show with Jon Frattassio, Bobby Dolittle, and Brendan Mayer, and then later in the month shows from New Hampshire to Virginia with Scott Kirby, and again my son Brendan will be there playing and singing too. Brother Jim will also be along with us on September 21 and 22! Please come out and join us. It’ll be a night of acoustic guitars and songs stretching back through the years. Following are the dates and locations for the shows. September 15 – Peter with Special Guests Brendan Mayer, Bob Doolittle and Jon Fratassio at Anchorage Property; Hanover, MA 

September 21 – Peter, Jim, Scott and Brendan at Rivermill at Dover Landing ; Dover, NH


September 22 – Peter, Jim, Scott and Brendan at the Sandbar Grill ; Taunton, MA


September 23 – Peter, Scott and Brendan at Madison Beach Hotel; Madison, CT


September 24 – Peter, Scott and Brendan at The Stephen Talkhouse ; Amagansett, NY


September 25 – Peter, Scott and Brendan at The Deck at Harbor Pointe ; Essington, PA


September 26 – Peter, Scott and Brendan at Sandi Pointe Coastal Bistro ; Somers Point, NJ


September 27 – Peter, Scott and Brendan at Ashland Coffee & Tea ; Ashland, VA


September 28 – Peter, Scott and Brendan at Boatyard Bar and Grill , Annapolis, MD


September 29 – Peter and Scott, with Special Guests Brendan Mayer on guitar and vocals, and Gary Green on harmonica at Harris Pavilion; Manassas , VA

Rock Star Kitchen

Peter was in Philadelphia recently to tape an episode of the show “Rock Star Kitchen” with Lisa Bouchelle and Tony Clark. Stay tuned for a list of stations where it will air!

Halloween in Key West!

For over a year now news of the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon has been spreading around the Keys, to locals and visitors alike, who look forward to spending some time in Cayo Hueso. Turn off of the main drag of Duval Street and head down the narrow lane that is Charles St., turn left through the entrance and you’re in a courtyard that is one of the way cool music venues of the island. It’s a place that feels like the French Quarter has met the islands. It’s open to the sky, with live music going every night of the week. It’s a place to chill, relax, but…. the joint gets jumpin’ too. On Halloween night, October 31st, Wednesday, just ahead of Meeting of The Minds, the biggest yearly gathering of fans and friends of all things Jimmy Buffett, I’ll be playing a one night, two show performance with my friend Scott Kirby at the Smokin’ Tuna. We’ve stripped it down to a couple of acoustic guitars, a bevy of songs from all these years, a special guest or two, a fall night in Key West and …..You. 

Submit your song requests to us, and if yours is picked, well, we’ll be happy to buy you a drink, courtesy of Scott…….uh well, he hasn’t agreed to this yet, but …….at least we’ll gather requests and play them.


I’ll look forward to seeing you on Halloween. Till then, thanks for listening!


All my best, PM

Stars & Promises 2012 – The Light of Christmas Tour

We are delighted to announce several of the upcoming dates for the annual Stars and Promises Tour! Please check the Performance page on the website for dates and cities. Check back often, as more dates will be added!

All Night Long!

Detroit, or Motor City, has been through its share of hard knocks. With the economic storms that hit in 2008, the auto industry and housing market took a big plunge. Businesses made their exodus, entire neighborhoods emptied out. But… the city has much to be proud of, and is slowly making a comeback. The concert we played with Jimmy Buffett at Comerica Park was an additional blast of sunshine to Motor City after some rough storms and it was made even brighter by Lionel Richie set to open the show. We first got to meet Lionel in LA a year earlier recording a version of ‘All Night Long’ that featured both Jimmy and Lionel sharing the lead. The band met at the studio early to rehearse the song. When Lionel arrived with his small entourage, he was brimming with energy. While we sat around the control room of the studio he told the story of the song and the now famous middle section ….” Tumbalita say de moya” etc. He kept trying to find authentic African or island phrases to use in that section and finally ended up putting together made up words and phrases that, to all who have sung along to this song, feel just right. Flash forward a year to our recent concert at Comerica Park, the beautiful ballpark that is home to the Detroit Tigers. We had sound checked the day before the show, so we headed straight to dinner on show day and then went out to hear Lionel’s opening set. The energy I had experienced in LA was no accident or 5-Hour Energy buzz. Lionel was ON as he sang through his many hits. At one point he sat solo at the piano and went through the ballads “Hello,” “Easy,” and “Say You Say Me.” As I watched the audience of many different ages experience these songs all over again, and for the first time, it made the case for the power of music to lift us up, over, and through any storm that comes our way. We played our set with Jimmy, closing an amazing night with both Lionel and Jimmy performing “All Night Long” to a happy crowd.

On stage at Comerica Park

Peter performing with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band, with Special Guest Lionel Richie!

Behind the stage at Comerica Park

With basketball pro, Shane Battier, backstage at the Lionel Show.

Hanging backstage with Russ Kunkel

Hanging with Russ Kunkel in Philadelphia at the Lyle Lovett show.


  1. Peter, At your September 24th show in Amaghanset NY with Scott and Brendan I’d love to hear you do “Approaching Caroline” and “Blue Guitar” and I’d love to hear Scott do “Little Blue Boat” and “Lucky Enough”
    Where were you for theMeet N Greet at Jones Beach? I was bummed when I saw you weren’t on the Golf Cart transporting The Coral Reefers I handed out about 500 flyers at Jones Beach i had printed, promoting the September 24 PM/SK Gig People were very happy to hear your finally playing Long Island :) See you in Amaghanset

    John Nalty on September 1st, 2012

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