Peter Mayer Group

Peter Mayer Group Live !

3 Nights!
3 Concerts!
Captured live for subsequent live album release!

July 28: Freedom Hall; Park Forest, IL
July 29: Blueberry Hill; St. Louis, MO
August 10: Rams Head On Stage; Annapolis, MD

Peter Mayer – Guitar, Vocals
R. Scott Bryan – Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Marc Torlina – Bass, Vocals
Chris Walters – Piano, Keyboards, Harmonium, Accordion
Maggie Estes – Violin, Mandolin

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The Peter Mayer Group

  • R. Scott Bryan- Percussion/Drums, Vocals/ Guitar
  • Marc Torlina- Acoustic and Electric Bass, Vocals
  • Chris Walters- Piano, Harmonium, and Keyboard
  • Maggie Estes- Violin, Mandolin

For each and every performance I get to play with this group, I find myself, somewhere in the middle of the night, in a brand new musical neighborhood. I’ve never been content to write just one strain or brand of music. Scott, Marc, Chris and Maggie bring a high level of playing ability and experience to our shows whether it’s acoustic folk or bluegrass, world beat rhythms, a rock setting, or the jazz influences everyone is comfortable with, I feel the songs are always safe in their hands. But they don’t stop with safe, they give the music wings and all of a sudden, a left turn, a new altitude, and I find myself in the middle of that crazy neighborhood that I was telling you about. Over the years I’ve had the honor of playing with many great musicians. The touring group now is as good as it’s ever been. We look forward to seeing you in your neighborhoods down the road.


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