Blue River

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Peter Mayer/Vince Varvel

Day come white night come black
You could wait forever to get this loneliness off your back
Even the moon waits for another sun
To shine a light shine a light on everyone
You can run you can hide
You can die of thirst by the river side
Love waits for you on the blue river

Roll on deep waters come to quench the great desire
Past the rich man’s factory past the poor man’s pride
Lay down your burdens every fear and tear you cried
Take my hand leave this land that has left you high and dry

You can run you can hide
You can die of thirst by the river side
Don’t leave me out on the blue river

You can run you can hide
You can live your life by what’s denied
But don’t leave me waiting on the blue river

Save your strength for the good fight
Save your tears for the sorrow
Spend your love it’s alright
Before it’s gone gone gone tomorrow

For the day will come when you leave this dusty town
And your cross will take it’s place by your father’s in the ground
Love is not just a fable that Hollywood bought and sold
Oh let me tell you now love is the only road

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