Mighty This Love

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Peter Mayer

From the first bird of the morning
‘Till I lay me down the day
I walk this road and pray for light to show me the way

The heavy load I carry
My treasure and my loss
I weary and I fall who will hold me

Longer than shadows
Closer than emptiness
Oh…. Mighty this love
Oh…. Mighty this love

It led me to peace at the river
It woke me in the rage of the wind
Called me up to the mountain back through the valley again

I knew it in the touch of my Mother’s hand
I crumbled and it held me fast
My first song of the morning it will be my last

Patient in winter’s sting
Restless as coming spring
Oh…. Mighty this love
Oh…. Mighty this love

This love is …. Strong enough to be weak
Brave enough to speak
These arms are longer than we can believe
Kind enough to lift you off your knees

Oh…. Mighty this love
Oh…. Mighty this love


  1. I love your music. I am reminded of it with every devotion I receive from Pastor Glusenkamp

    Dick Frohardt on March 29th, 2014

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