Stars and Promises

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Peter Mayer

Winter’s come again too soon this year
Grab your hat and woolen scarf my dear
Feathers from a Robin’s wing
That’s all you’ll find to remind you of spring

Colored lights in ornamental strings
Turn ordinary streets to special things
A sigh catches your breath
Then a smile for the season of stars and promises

Children skate beneath the snowy trees
Elders glide along on memories
Carolers for joy will sing
The bells will ring for Christmas a Merry Christmas

Friends and dear ones from our yesterdays
Coming home to that familiar place
A sigh catches your breath then a smile for
The season of stars and Promises


  1. The Peter Mayer Stars and Promises Concert is not to be missed. Staff and students at Midland School were mesmerized! Hope to see you and the group once more this year in Somerville NJ.

    Thank you!!!

    Pauline Kodack on August 19th, 2013
  2. Anxious to see your stars & promises show this year!

    Kathy Mullen on August 12th, 2012

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