Still In One Peace

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Peter Mayer
Special thanks to Len Sweet and Pastor David Jensen

Tried ro fun fast enough
Tried to fly high enough
Thought that I could dive deep enough
To lose your hold on me

The end of the road the bottom of the glass
The grip of fear that holds you fast
Lost in the valley no song to sing
When you’re brushed by an angel’s wings

And you’re Still in One Peace
Still in One Peace
We are blessed we are broken
Given one more chance to be
Found in you we are

In One Peace

What if Love was a shepherd’s eye
Could see one lost for the ninety nine
And Faith and hope were a tiny seed
That could bloom into a family tree

I’ve believed betrayed swayed and discussed
Still I feel like a wrapped up Lazarus
Haven’t made sense of the Mystery
But it makes sense to me

And I’m Still in One Peace
Still in One Peace
We are blessed we are broken
Every day a chance to be
One together again

We are scattered in pieces
We hope strength will release us
Your Love is perfect in weakness…
Gathers us in
And again and again and again and again

Still in One Peace…

Still in One Peace…


  1. Len Sweet signed one of his books for me using this line, “Still in One Peace”, so I promptly stole the line and use it now as my closure in all my email (Len graciously granted me permission).

    Curious just what Peter Mayer’s connection is to Dr. Sweet …?

    terry rankin on October 15th, 2013
  2. Excellent – sent to me from Pastor Sandra Jones, Assistant to the Bishop, Northwestern Pa. Synod as I undergo examination for candidiacy for the ELCA and deal with some major medical problems.

    Susan Bittler on March 18th, 2011

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