The Last Island

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Peter Mayer/Roger Guth
Thanks to Scott Kirby

They hailed a rickshaw and stole into the night
Slipped past the paparazzi to their freedom
Their confidential spot surrendered to the fight
Between the famous and the rest of us who want to be them

Hopped a steamer and drifted down the Nile
Couldn’t hide their sore thumb faces in dark glasses
Tried to bribe the bush pilot with a million dollar smile
But only U.S. dollars could save their asses

I’m on my way to the last island
Don’t look back don’t think twice
Oh I’m on my way to the last island
Something to call my own won’t that be nice

He dropped them on a beach some uncharted virgin spot
They’d build a shelter no one ever’d find it
They named their own volcano and climbed up to the top
That’s when they saw the sign said this property is private

A holy man was smiling cross legged and sunburned
Said I’ve spent my life choosing between the colas
I own this Shangri La and I suggest that you return
Just go back to your own land of rock ‘n rollers


So they gathered up the driftwood made it watertight
And drifted rudderless to the horizon
I’m confused and I’m scared he said and we got no land in sight
But I’ve got you dear to keep my eyes on…

We’re on our way to the last island
Don’t look back don’t think twice
Oh we’re on our way to the last island
Something to call our own won’t that be nice

I’m on my way to the last island
Gonna find my piece of paradise
Oh I’m on my way to the last island
Something to call my own won’t that be nice


  1. I love this…. I, too, am looking for my last island… Even if I die waiting. Beautiful song.

    Susie curtis on March 7th, 2016
  2. my husband and I are preparing for our retirement in the Dominican Republic. we have purchased land and are working on our home plans…the time cannot go fast enough for us to leave the rat race and “be on our way to our last island”….your song lifts our spirits when the work life burdens us…when the time for our escape feels long…we listen to this song and rejoice that we are leaving soon.

    kathy Donovan on October 6th, 2014
  3. Peter,

    I met you at last two Jimmy concerts at Alpine Valley at the autograph area. I take my two kids and last year my wife was pregnant with a third child (son) at the concert – Young Parrothead #5.

    I just heard you song LAST ISLAND on Margaritaville and absolutely fell in love with it. I downloaded from iTunes and have listed to it 12 times now in a row.

    Amazing song and lyrics. Vibe and depth of this really moves me and wanted to let you know.


    Curt Szymanski
    Beach Family

    P.S. I’d love to see you perform this __LIVE__ at Alpine Valley for Curt, Debbie, Kaylee, Grace and Kai.

    Curt Szymanski on February 20th, 2013

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